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Our standard aquarium includes...

• High Grade Acrylic Tank
• Top Of The Line Filtering System
• Black Side Panels
• Specially Designed Light
• Black Interchangeable Frame
• Two Pictures
• Wall Bracket
• Gravel
• Hardware
• Directions (English and Spanish)
The owners of UNICEE invented this unique wall hung aquarium to save space, time and money. The aquarium design fits into any room of your home, office or dorm! Changing the picture is a simple with the easy in and out sliders, built right into the back of the tank. The wall mount bracket makes it easy to hang with the newest of hardware. We also have designed clips that hold the cord against the inside of the frame. The frame fits over the top and then clips onto the bottom of the tank, making it easy to change the frame to another color. The included filter system is top of the line and adds a steady flow of oxygen because a healthy environment is important for healthy fish. Be creative and use your own picture and color schemes. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your personal masterpiece!
Your own picture in the back,
and interchangeable frame colors!

A black frame comes standard with each kit - but you can order additional frames and EASILY change them any time you like!

Available colors include (see samples below):
• Rainbow Red
• Gourami Green
• Neon Navy
• Bass Brown
• Whale White
• Barracuda Black

Order additional frames anytime!

Only $24.95! (and shipping is FREE!)